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Overwhelmed Due to Complicated Academic Writing? Get Reliable Dissertation Help

The thing that makes most of the university students anxious is academic writing. Out of the various assignments that they come across in their course, the most daunting is dissertation writing. To overcome the complications involved in the intricate process of academic writing, many students look for dissertation help. In this way, they get an escape route for the stress they experience during their coursework.

A dissertation is a long form of writing that demands complete attention to every single detail associated with the write-up. Nothing can be ignored, from the research to the final editing and proofreading. The results are miserable if anything doesn’t go as it should. Students pursuing higher education in another country can’t afford to lose their grades because of poor-quality dissertations. To write a decent dissertation, one must be very patient as it undergoes much research, reading, and writing.

If you are also facing similar issues, the best way to cope with this problem is to get dissertation writing help from our experts. We have hired the best individuals to write dissertations for students. All of our professional academic writers are experts in their respective fields and know how to tackle even the most complex academic tasks. Also, they follow every guideline and specification of your university and leave no reason for you to lose marks.

So, if you are looking for a trustworthy and dependable source for dissertation writing, look no further than 'Assignment Help Pro', We have a squad of professional dissertation writers with experience and degrees in their fields of expertise.

In this write-up, you will get deep insights into the dissertation and get a complete overview to complete your assignment effortlessly.

Definition of Dissertation

A dissertation is generally a long-term assignment task to create a long writing piece; you can think of it as an advanced, structured form of academic writing. Some topics, especially related to science, might be known as a s project.

Tasks related to assignment writing usually start in the final year of a course. While writing a dissertation for your master's degree, learning the art of writing a dissertation from the beginning of your course is crucial. To write this form of academic writing, you need to conduct proper research. For this, you can either start from scratch or make the literature and other resources your base for research.

What Makes a Dissertation Different?

A dissertation is essentially an individual effort, which is what distinguishes it from your prior work. A supervisor will help you out occasionally, but you'll be working alone a lot of the time.

Along with working on a different topic than your other student, you will all create a dissertation, although one that is distinct from the other in terms of topic and maybe method.

Dissertations are longer than typical assignments in terms of word count and completion time. It typically takes the majority of an academic year to complete, and you'll need to write thousands of words. While that may sound like a lot, the time and word count will fly by as soon as you get started.

Our academic writers know the precise way of writing a dissertation. Due to this, we ensure you offer extraordinary help with dissertation assignments. With us, you can stay relaxed with respect to your academic writing tasks and grades.

Dissertation Help Australia

Length of Dissertation

The question, "How long is a dissertation?" has no common response. The word count or page length varies based on the country, school, degree, and area of study.

However, to give you a sense of what to anticipate, here are some ballpark estimates:

Bachelor's: 35–50 pages, 10,000–15,000 words

Master's: 65–80 pages, 18,000–22,000 words

Doctorate: 200–300 pages, 80,000–100,000 words

As you can see, writing a Ph.D. dissertation is equivalent to writing a book, so it requires significant investment. However, keep in mind that actual lengths are more flexible and that these numbers are merely estimations. For instance, dissertations in the STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and math—tend to be shorter than dissertations in other fields.

If you think writing such a long document might not be an easy task for you, you can get online dissertation help from our competent academic writers. Our dedicated professionals are well-versed in all the ins and outs of dissertation writing.

Key Sections of the Structure of a Dissertation

Make sure you review your dissertation advice, as there are numerous dissertation types that do not all follow this format. All sorts of dissertations share some similar aspects, nevertheless.

Extended literature reviews for dissertations do not include methods or results part because they do not include data collecting. Rather, they consist of chapters that delve into ideas and hypotheses before concluding with a section.

To determine what your dissertation entails, consult your dissertation module handbook and all provided materials.

Keeping the structure of a dissertation is difficult for students, especially those who are beginners. So, if you are also going through a similar kind of situation, get dissertation help online from us at ‘Assignment Help Pro’. We promise our use to deliver top-of-the-line academic tasks.

1. Title Page

Your dissertation title page's main focus is, you guessed it, your title. Your dissertation's title should clearly describe the subject you're writing about and have a direct bearing on your research question or thesis statement. The topic of your work should be clear to anyone who reads the title.

Regarding title page formatting, that is dependent upon the style and school. You'll frequently mention the date, the name of the university, and your program. To find out more specifics, speak with your counsel.

2. Acknowledgement

Similar to a dedication page or acceptance speech, this optional piece allows you to express your gratitude to everyone who assisted you in writing your dissertation. If you decide to add this, make sure it is as succinct and official as you can.

3. Abstract

The dissertation is briefly summarized in the abstract, which opens the publication. It covers every important topic covered in your paper and frequently includes a brief summary of the approach. An abstract should consist of just one paragraph, perhaps 300–500 words.

Executive summary and abstract are frequently used interchangeably. Although popular usage implies, they are equivalent, they are not in fact, the same: An abstract does not address the research's conclusions or findings; an executive summary does.

4. Table of Content

All chapter, heading, and subheading names are included in the table of contents along with the relevant page numbers. Additionally, the table of contents includes the appendices, lexicon, list of acronyms, and optional parts like a list of figures and tables, bibliography, and glossary.

5. Lists of Figures and Tables

Dissertations with a lot of data may use a lot of figures or tables as visual aids. You can list all of the images in your dissertation, together with their page numbers, at the start of the document if it makes extensive use of them. Consider this to be similar to a table of contents for charts and pictures.

6. List of Abbreviations

Similarly, if there are a lot of acronyms in your dissertation, you should list their meanings in an alphabetized key at the start of the document. This is particularly crucial if your dissertation makes use of industry-specific acronyms that readers outside of the industry might not be familiar with.

7. Glossary

A glossary, which functions as a little dictionary, defines the technical terms you use in your article. Similar to the list of acronyms, the glossary is helpful if you employ a lot of technical terms that people outside of your industry won't understand.

8. Introduction

Your introduction, the first of the "core chapters" and the formal start of your work, introduces your study topic and gives the background information needed to comprehend it. Here, you should clearly identify your research question or thesis statement and provide an overview of how your work will address it.

Usually, the introduction is organized so that each chapter has a brief synopsis. It should provide a brief overview of your methodology, approach, and current state of the field's research so the reader understands how your dissertation fits into the larger picture.

9. Literature Review

You would have gathered and scrutinized the best primary and secondary sources pertinent to your subject during your research. Literature reviews, as the name implies, are where you assess and provide commentary on these sources, summarizing their conclusions, highlighting their shortcomings, and making links between them.

The term "research gap," which describes particular areas of a topic that have not yet received enough attention in the literature, is one of the main ideas in a literature review. The ideal dissertation topics are these "blind spots," which you should attempt to fill in with fresh information or analysis. The research gap and how your dissertation fills it should be thoroughly explained in the literature review.

10. Methodology

The reader can confirm the validity of your research by reading the methodology chapter, which details how you carried out your study. Usually, you include a thorough explanation of the procedures you followed for data collection, test administration, data analysis, and method selection. Along with naming any instruments or equipment you utilized for your research, you also provide specific details like the location and timing of your testing.

11. Conclusion

The dissertation conclusion, like the end of any research paper, brings everything together. The final core chapter, this one should either explicitly address your study topic or reexamine your thesis statement. Recap and restate the findings you already stated in the conclusion rather than adding any new information or supporting evidence.

12. Bibliography

Every source that was used is fully cited in the bibliography, together with information on when and where it was published. The bibliography is referred to as a reference page in APA style and as a works cited page in MLA style.

The format of a bibliography varies based on the style you choose. To ensure you are following the correct guidelines, make sure to review our citation guides for the APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.

In case you have no idea about different writing styles and the one you want to follow, you can approach us for dissertation help. Our competent writers follow a well-thought-out approach to complete every task.

13. Appendices

Different sections of unnecessary content that are nonetheless pertinent to the subject are included in the appendices. Maps, transcripts of interviews, and tangential explanations are examples of extra items that belong at the conclusion of this part, but the main materials belong in the body of the work.

Dissertation Help

Why to Choose Us over Others for the Best Dissertation Help in Australia?

Make sure you review your dissertation advice, as there are numerous dissertation types that do not all follow this format. All sorts of dissertations share some similar aspects, nevertheless.

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